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Mens After Shave

Mens after shave has traditionally come in the form of lotions, balms, gels, powders or creams. Designed to round off a shave with a moisturising, but non-oily, soothing effect, they are often scented to add an extra dash of freshness.

Using after shave cream has become a habit for many men, and they don’t feel well-groomed and ready for the world without a few dabs of their favourite cream before heading out or off to work.

It is also helps to soothe irritable skin; after shave cream will cool irritations from razor burn or razor bumps.

Our tubs of after shave creams are made by Eshave and use a variety of high quality natural ingredients such as cucumber, almond and tea.

Order your favourite after shave cream online, or choose a gift for someone else. Once you have created an account, our user-friendly online ordering system makes it easy to browse the range, select your creams and arrange delivery to your home.

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