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Shaving Razors for Men

Discerning men choose wet shaves over dry shaves; and the most discerning men choose the best shaving razors around, accompany them with quality oils, creams or lotions and use a badger-hair brush to apply them.

That way they are assured of the closest shave imaginable and it’s only possible when you choose a quality razor to start with. It makes the whole shaving ritual a joy.

No more cuts, no more nicks, no more annoying irritation or itchiness!

Our range of stylish shaving razors for men from Eshave and Truefitt & Hill are available in ebony, horn, black, blue or ivory colours. They all use the highest quality blades and each one is made to stand the test of time.


You can order shaving razors from our online range, where you can also find brushes, razor stands, shaving cream and aftershave. Order for yourself or as gifts for male friends.

All you need to do is create an account  to gain access to the online ordering system. Log in, browse the range, select, order and then arrange payment and delivery. It can take as little as five minutes...

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