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Razor Blades

It goes without saying that you don’t buy a Ferrari and run it on cheap gas and oil. The same goes for your razor.

Once you have chosen your shaving razor  you need a collection of the right razor blades to provide a consistently close shave.

The blades we stock are the gold standard of shaving. The Merkur blades are premium quality platinum-coated stainless blades made in Solingen, Germany. The Feather blades are made in Japan, again platinum-coated stainless steel, and are renowned for being the sharpest double-edge blades around.

Keeping a good collection of quality razor blades close by means you’re never scrambling around before that important meeting or dinner date.

Order online using our easy-to-use system. You will also find a collection of quality razors, razor stands, brushes, shaving cream, after shave and other men’s grooming products, which make ideal gifts for friends.

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