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Truefitt and Hill - Australia

As the oldest barbershop in the world (and certified by the Guinness Book of Records) you may expect Truefitt and Hill to know a thing or two about men’s grooming. A quick look at the high quality products confirms this.

Established in London in 1805 as simply ‘Truefitt’, after the name of the owner, it set out to become the hairdresser to the British Royal Court. Nowadays there are multiple stores around the world. It still serves royalty, politicians and dignitaries but its services and products are available around the world, including in Australia.

Truefitt and Hill Products

At Truefitt and Hill Australia you can get a taste of how royalty is looked after. On offer is a wide range of shaving products, such as razors, bowls, stands, creams, balms and brushes, as well as men’s fragrances and hair care products.

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