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 Baxter of California 

Baxters of California was founded in an age when men took great care of their appearance, and the company has helped to bring that ethos back to the modern day. Founded in 1965, Baxter of California was one of the first grooming lines aimed entirely at men.Today, it is one of the more recognisable names, having stood the test of time because of the well-renowned quality of its products.

Baxters of California: Products

BOC combines the best of science and nature and creates easy-to-use, high quality products used in barbers’ shops, salons and homes around the world.

It retains its focus on its huge range of men’s grooming products, providing high quality face washes and scrubs, moisturisers, shaving lotions and shower gels to name a few. Baxters of California has also recently opened its own barber’s shop in West Hollywood.

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